HDMI CABLE VN-HD36 Vnew Top Seller Gold Plated High Speed 8K 60hz Nylon Braid 1080P/2160P AM-AM Hdmi Cable for HDTV/Laptop

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8k/60hz 19+1 CU/CCS

Material: Nylon braid ,GOLD plated

Vnew top seller gold plated High Speed 8K 60hz nylon braid 1080P/2160P AM-AM hdmi cable for HDTV/Laptop

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Introducing the new product—HDMI 2.1 AM-AM 8k/60hz. This latest version of the HDMI specification boasts superior features such as support for high-resolution videos and faster refresh rates, and provides the latest features of HDCP 2.2, 2.3, HDR, DTS: X, Dolby Atmos, and Dolby Vision. With HDMI 2.1, you can enjoy crisp, clear, and stunning visuals like never before.

One of the biggest advantages of HDMI 2.1 is its extremely fast transmission speed. The HDMI 2.1 port supports 48Gbps transmission, making it perfect for connecting 8K TVs and PS5. You can expect zero-lag and uninterrupted ultra-clear display on your devices with this powerful transmission speed. Whether you're into gaming, streaming, or watching movies, HDMI 2.1 has got you covered.

Another outstanding feature of HDMI 2.1 is its strong compatibility. It can be used with a wide range of devices, including high-definition TVs, set-top boxes, computers, projectors, and other devices such as Apple TV, PS5 Pro, LG TV, Samsung QLED TV, and more. This product is also backward compatible with earlier versions of HDMI, so you can connect it with older devices without any issues.

HDMI 2.1 is built with high-grade materials, such as a zinc alloy shell that gives it a more beautiful luster and corrosion resistance. The 24K gold-plated ports provide faster conduction, more stable signals, and no fading or flickering, ensuring that you get the best visual results possible. This product is also lightweight and has no weight shadow, which makes it easy to carry around and install.

Overall, HDMI 2.1 AM-AM 8k/60hz is a must-have for anyone who values high-quality visuals on their devices. Its superior features, fast transmission speed, strong compatibility, and high-grade materials make it stand out from other HDMI cables in the market. Whether you are a gamer, a movie enthusiast, or a streaming fan, this product will surely exceed your expectations. Get your hands on HDMI 2.1 today and experience the future of visual transmission!


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